All students in essay writing need tips that will help to structure this text correctly. In this case, we talk about a content structure. You cannot distribute this short text by chapters. Nevertheless, the structural parts can be called the title, introduction, main body and conclusion.

It is important to determine the purpose for each content part. When it comes to the introduction, the writer should introduce the analyzed text and its author:

Type of essay;
Title of the analyzed text;
First and last name of the author;
Original history of the text;
Aim of the essay;
brief summary of the content.
The introduction is only 10% of the text. You should concentrate on the most important things in order not to make this part too long.

The main part is about 80% of the essay. This is where the main ideas are developed. The student presents his/her own opinion, content and goals of the analyzed text. The student should not show any research skills here, but only the ability to express own thoughts, results of observations and considerations, as well as arguments and ideas related to chosen topic.

The conclusion is not so long. It is a summary of the most important information. Here you collect only the data that have already been described and considered.

What topics can be developed in an essay?

Compared to the term papers or seminar papers, in the essay you do not research theoretical aspects. The topic can be different. It can be philosophical questions, evaluation of world events or people's behavior.

Very often, when writing an essay, one focuses on a famous phrase or compound of words, as well as winged words. The student does not get any additional information, only the meaning of the phrase, which he has to decode and explain.

The student-philologists very often get the task to write an essay. It is connected with their professional skills. They have to realize a philological analysis of the literary work. Among others, they can characterize not only the content, but also the protagonists of the work and interpret their acts.

The student-sociologists research in their essays the social problems and behavior of the people. They choose a current event or article from the magazine and try to analyze what is written or what happens.

Style, language and composition of the essays

As a rule, you have to write the essay in German. However, it is not forbidden to choose another language for it. It is not uncommon for students to create these texts in English.

The style of speech for essay can be academic or journalistic. It depends on the topic and the subject of writing. In such texts you use the common academic lexis, specialized words and journalistic idioms.

It is forbidden to use colloquial expressions. But if you usefully quote other people's speech, slang words or even swear words can appear as quotations in the text.

The essay should be distributed by paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain no more than 4 - 5 sentences. In such short text it is necessary to present all arguments and thoughts logically. They must be correctly connected with each other.

The layout of the essay is not special. The whole text should be written in a certain font and size. The title and the important moments in the text can be marked in italics or bold. As a rule, these texts do not use figures and tables. The essay is written as a continuous text.

If the essay is already finished, do not hurry and give the text to the teachers. Fine-tuning the text is not a superfluous procedure. All grammatical and spelling mistakes should be corrected. It is advisable to change the questionable phrases as well as to check the transitions between paragraphs.

When the review of the essay is over, it is advisable to let the text recover. The author can read it again and evaluate it.

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