Making a new Gmail account is quite straightforward, whether you’re creating one for yourself or someone else. If you’re setting up a new Gmail address for yourself or creating an account for someone else, the process is similar. Here is all you need to know to create a new Gmail account for yourself or others. For the latest tech guides and how tos.

How to Register a New Gmail Account in 2022

To create a new Gmail account, you must visit the Gmail website and follow the gmail sign up steps below.

Click Create an account.
If you are already logged into Gmail, pick the symbol in the upper-right corner and select Add another account from the drop-down menu. This will then take you to a page where you can begin adding your new account’s information.
Then, you must fill up the First name, Last name, Username, and Password sections. It is vital to note that the username will display as “[email protected]” in the new Gmail email address. You may use letters, numbers, and periods for the username.
After providing the required information, click Next.
Google will then ask you to verify your phone number on the following screen. Enter your telephone number and then click Next. You will then be required to input a verification code that you will get.
After verification, a “Welcome to Google” page will appear with your new Gmail account. Here, you can decide whether to link your phone number to your account and whether to add a recovery email address.
To continue, you must enter your date of birth and your gender. After completing this, select Next.
On the following page, you will find Google’s privacy and terms policies. By selecting More options, you may tailor the opt-in services. After selecting your preferred settings, select I accept to continue.
This will then take you to your new Gmail inbox, which you can personalize and alter to your liking.

Be careful to organize your Gmail inbox and add any necessary folders or labels so that new messages are automatically sent to the proper tabs.